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Are We Truly Alive ?

 by Robert Rabbin

What does it mean to be truly alive? 

Does it mean to be so busy, frantic, or worried that we cannot enter this 

moment deeply?  Does it mean to be 

so full of yesterday's knowledge or tomorrow's hope that we cannot see 

the contours of today? Does it mean to 

be so blind to this world's beauty that we spoil everything we touch? Does it mean 

to be so self-absorbed that we forget to 

offer simple kindness to others? Does it mean to believe so strongly in this philosophy or that "ism" that we can't hear the original music playing within us?

To be truly alive is to be deeply in love with this moment. Not the moment that we imagine, not the moment of our thoughts and beliefs about this moment, but this moment, as it is.


This moment of suddenness and energy and surprise. This moment of wonder and awe. This moment of beauty and silence. This moment of light and stillness.

To be truly alive is to listen very, very deeply-not with our ears, but with our whole being. Not just with our whole being, but with the whole being of creation. Listening like this, we have no center, nor beginning, nor ending. Our center is everywhere, and so we begin and end here, and there, and here again. Listening with the enormous ear of creation itself, we hear life breathing.

To be truly alive is to be open, open, open...just as the sky, no, more so, as open as the heavens, no, more so. In this, there is no protection, no fear, no hiding, no secrets...why would there be? To be alive is to be an openness in which everything lives without prejudice, without hatred, without violence towards anything...pure openness. Within this openness is acceptance...acceptance of things as they they are.

To be truly alive means to recognize that anger and violence are signs of a broken soul, that hatred and greed are signs of a broken soul, that obsession with our own self and future are signs of a broken soul, that carelessness and cruelty towards others are signs of a broken soul.

Really speaking, we do not have a broken soul, for the soul can never be broken. Really speaking, a broken soul means a neglected soul, one forgotten and betrayed. That is what it means. How do we neglect, forget, and betray our own soul? Simple. It is this: we love lesser things. We love lesser things, flat things without depth. We give ourselves to superficial loves and lovers, we turn away from the deep well-water of this moment, this moment as it is, free from distorting concepts and images. This moment, free from self-obsession and worry and anger and doubt...this moment in its pure state...the pure state of the heart opened towards all in wonder, awe, and love. That is what I mean by this moment: the heart opened wide towards all in wonder, awe, and love. This is where we find our soul without break or bend...whole, in its true state.

We find our soul here, in this true moment, and we become truly alive.

What else do we need? Nothing. What else do we need? Nothing. This is all we need: to find the true and unbroken soul within us, within this moment, and love it all the time. Love it all the time. Do not give yourself to lesser loves, do not betray your own truth, the deepening truth of this moment, the deepening truth of your listening, the deepening truth of your loving. All within this moment. All within your pure soul.

Right here. Right now. As you are.

Listen to your own silence. Love your own silence. Share your silence. Let your silence consume all doubt, all fear, all arrogance, all loving of lesser things.

Love what comes from within you, silently, to orbit the world, and you, orbiting the world, re-enter the world as a shower of sparks in the unbroken soul of silence.



Enjoy Life and Take Good Care of Your Self


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