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The Giving and Receiving Cycle

by Chistopher Wynter


You pause for breath not to live, 

but for Life . . .


But to live you must first Breathe for 

Life. Breath is the carrier of Life. If you 

breathe to live you have missed the basic 

step. As a baby who stands without first crawling you will fall. To Breathe for Life is 

to experience being. To live to breathe is to experience doing and most are too busy 

doing and forget to be. So Breathe for Life then learn to live. There is a great importance in being aware of the cycles and patterns                       © John Piper

of our breathing for there is more represented by 

this simple process than   most of us are aware of. We do breathe! We take in air, then we let it out. Normally, we hold it briefly, then exhale - a constant series of inhalations and exhalations. Itís automatic; we do it without even knowing that we do it, without being conscious of what we are doing. My big revelation was that I had to let air out in order for more to take its place. I had to let go in order to make room for more!

There is a rhythm present in the Universe, a moving, pulsating presence of power, manifested in everything. It is a predictable, measurable motion, to and fro, forward and backward, in and out, the rise and fall.

This natural rhythm is present in all things, seen and not seen. If I were to hold my breath, I would consciously block the good fresh incoming air (and energy) from entering my body. The breath of life would be stopped - not for long because there is a back-up system. If I hold my breath long enough, I will pass out and the system of nature takes over again.

The Universe is always for expansion and fuller expansion. It is for life, not death and we must get ourselves out of the way so that this natural power, ever present, can take over and share with us.

We block our potential by holding on too tightly to what we have (and what we do not have)! In order to get more, we must be willing to let go of what we already have. Increase comes out of what we already have. This is why, for example, it is so important to begin sharing or putting back into circulation the money in our lives - even if it seems to us that there isnít much.

There is no lack in the Universe. The Universe is totally abundant. There is an ever presence of ideas flowing through time and space; it is up to us to take out of this flowing river and abundance what we want. Any river is a mighty body of water made up of many smaller bodies of water called tributaries which assist the river to develop itís strength as it flows ever onward to the greater body of water called the sea.

There is only one Universal Law. However, it has many aspects such as peace, joy, health, and abundance. Rightly used, these aspects can assist us in bringing into our lives the good that we desire. The person who says 'I can' and the person who says 'I canít' are both right, in accordance with their beliefs. The Universe always says yes!

Standing in the flow of the Universe and saying that there isnít enough good or money to go around is like standing in the middle of the river and saying that there isnít enough water to go around and saying 'I canít take any more water, all my water just went by!' Even the word currency is taken from the word current. We just donít know how to use it - we hoard it, we hang on to it, we steal it ... Current and currency is meant to flow, to pass from hand to hand. This being understood, we can remove the dam and let the abundance begin to flow. It is imperative that the laws of circulation be understood and practiced before the abundance that is rightfully yours can be experienced. Your life is as a blank cheque. Not only are you not filling it out, but you are not cashing it.

If I held my breath until I passed out, a natural back-up system would keep me going in spite of myself. The law of circulation always prevails. When we block it consciously through fear - fear of letting go, fear of lack, fear of putting out (hoarding) - a block is formed and that block must be removed not only for our good, but for the Universal expansion and expression. Remember the Universe is always for expansion and fuller expression. How can it function properly if there are blocks? For its own self-preservation, it must remove the blocks.

Some people never recognise the method by which this is accomplished. They end up putting their energy back into circulation, but not at all in the way expected.

When we hang on too tightly, we end up recirculating through unexpected debts and traumas, like car repairs, dental and medical bills, shoes for the kids, vet bills for sick animals and so on. In general, we are forced to circulate our energy whether we want to or not.

Although the message is clear for all to hear, it is said that the lips of wisdom are closed, except to the ears of the understanding.

Look around your life and see if there is any area where you may be experiencing blocks. What is preventing you from keeping your energy(or money)? Sickness? Roof Repairs? Fender benders? Supposedly required donations? Gifts? Can you see any area where you feel you are forced into expending your energy or spending your money? If so, ask the question that you donít know the answer to: what do I need to learn from all or this? Remaining open, expectant and allowing are the keys.

One of the greatest circulation systems ever designed is the natural recycling process of water. There is no new water on the planet. All there ever was is still here, recycled. It goes through various stages of course; it evaporates, clouds become saturated and rain falls. The water you bathe in tonight could be the water that filled the tub of Caesar. The water you last washed your car with may have been the very same water you drank as a baby. And the next bit of water that you use may be mixed in the drink of the intergalactic Emperor of the 25th. Century.

There is no water shortage as far as the planet is concerned; there will always be the same amount of water - all there is. By storing it, redistributing it unnaturally and containing it in various forms, we can disrupt the natural evaporation process and thereby create circumstances that seem to indicate a shortage. But, in reality, there is always enough.

To open the valve of plenty, you can use the same system as the water faucet. To get more water through the faucet, you simply open the valve by turning the handle in the appropriate direction - you take away the barrier that is stopping the flow and all the water you need is there for your use.

The valve of plenty in you can be turned on by turning your thoughts in the proper direction, thereby taking away the barriers that are stopping the flow.

Christopher Wynter and his partner Fiona Tulk are the owners and developers of An English guide for people exploring the World Wide Web to find answers for the meaning and purpose of Life and to remember the truth of themselves. You'll find this site especially valuable if you've tried lots of self-help approaches before but haven't produced the consistent and lasting results you long for. Due to comments and requests received, Christopher and Fiona have set up both an E-mail discussion list and a newsletter .

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