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The Essentials of the Mayan

Sacred Calendar : Tzolkin

by Michaele de Cygne - Alyras

Our common calendar, the "Gregorian Calendar", charts the frequency of solar cycles during our planet's 365.25-day solar orbit. In addition to perceiving and rendering a similar calendar, the early Maya community of Meso-America perceived and rendered another calendar system that charts the frequencies of psychogenetic galactic cycles that, similar to radio and television waves, embody and express information essential to spiritual consciousness and the subtle [mind] and gross [body] infrastructure of being. These cycles are believed to be universal and are represented in the patterns of celestial orbits, e.g. the synchronicity between our planetary orbit and our sun's galactic orbit as well as in the archetypal models of all spiritual traditions and even in the fundamental structure and function of DNA. That calendar, known as the Mayan Sacred Calendar, is called the "Tzolkin".  

The Basic Woof and the Warp

Fundamentally, the Tzolkin is a 260-day cycle, composed by 13 days that course consecutively through 20 serial, archetypal ideations superimposed on the progression of days. This 260-day cycle synchronizes with the Gregorian Calendar's 365.25-day cycle every 52 years. This Calendar was widely used astrologically and as an almanac, tracking cycles of various astronomical bodies and their influences on terrestrial climates and seasons. However, within the Mayan temples, there was a much deeper understanding of the Tzolkin; there, the Tzolkin is regarded as a universal, 'periodic table of the harmonics of time-space,' that continually and comprehensively expresses every possible permutation of the One Giver of Movement/time and Measure/space, i.e. the manifest Divine Spirit, throughout the Creation.


In the Mayan cosmology, the 13 fundamental days progress through 20 serial, archetypal ideations known as "Sacred Signs". Each of the Sacred Signs represents an aggregate sequence of the 13 days as they uniquely overlay each Sacred Sign. Each of the 13 days represents a specific, psychoactive frequency or tone. Thus, each Sacred Sign resonates with a particular spiritual and psychic "Quality". The Quality of any given Sacred Sign is expressed by Its particular, aggregate sequence of psychoactive frequencies.


Viewed graphically, with Sacred Sign 1 at the top of the frame and Sacred Sign 20 at the bottom, the Calendar is read vertically from top to bottom and left to right, beginning with "1" in the upper left corner and ending with "13" in the lower right corner. Reading the Calendar horizontally from left to right, we see the specific sequences of days, 1-13, that correspond to and compose each Sacred Sign. Hence, the sequence of days (or order of frequencies) for the 1st Sacred Sign, Imix, is 1-8-2-9-3-10-4-11-5-12-6-13-7.



Click here for a larger version of the Tzolkin


(Taking the Calendar at face value, there are apparent contradictions to the statement that each Sacred Sign has an entirely different sequence of 13 days/tones/harmonics. The numeric values of the primary tone/harmonic sequence for the Sacred Signs 1-7 are identical to those of the Sacred Signs 14-20. However, the Tzolkin's binary inner structure reveals subcycles or subharmonics that are specific for each of the Calendar's 260 days. The primary harmonic of each day has a unique combination of three subharmonics. Thus, four tones are required to electromagnetically express the full vitality of each unit/step of each Sacred Sign and each inner pattern of the Mayan Sacred Calendar; i.e. each Sacred Sign requires 52 tones for its full expression in sound or light.)  


In summary, the Tzolkin is a binary, chronological and psychogenetic

Model embodying harmonic combinations  and patterns of electromagnetic frequencies that facilitate the emanations of specific Divine Qualities throughout the universe, a Model that is perennially represented by the energetic woof and warp of galactic celestial cycles, a Model that enables us to become familiar and synchronized with those cycles, ergo Qualities in order for us to more fully act and interact with and as Wisdom. The Maya regarded this universally applicable Model as a Matrix embodying the Logic by which Spirit manifests and utilizes Movement and Measure to propagate and sustain universal consciousness and divine being in humanity.


The Matrix Revealed  


Observing the Tzolkin through the lenses of planetary, solar and galactic systems, the Maya recognized the correlations between macrocosmic cycles and those of the subtler realms of existence, including the psyche and spirit. They realized that the Tzolkin's permutations and the Qualities embodied by them are constant, on all planes, in all dimensions. They realized that the Tzolkin expresses Logical correspondences and correlations between subtle and gross aspects of Nature, e.g. between the archetypes of the Mind and the codons of DNA et al. In that light, they recognized the Tzolkin as a Vinculum, a mutually inclusive scientific and esoteric Model that is a Tie bonding all religions, all sciences and all religions with all sciences and [most profoundly] as a Matrix embodying and expressing an universal, binary Code by which all levels of existence and being are generated, sustained and transformed and by Which all aspects of the human being and the Cosmos are inherently unified, brought into universal alignment and synchronized to effect the expression of Divine Being throughout the human being on all planes and in all dimensions.

If we could translate the frequencies of the Matrix into a form that we

could easily apply in our daily lives, we could assimilate and master the energies and information imparted thereby and use these energies to quicken our individual, inherent divinity in order to fully heal and regenerate ourselves and this planet. Perhaps we could also quickly, systematically activate and amplify our light bodies, something that's necessary to navigate the dimensional shift unfolding on this planet and to migrate into active, conscious living as four dimensional human beings. One very viable, easily accessible and universally applicable form would be music.


Now, we can not only access the Music of the Matrix, 

we can have it in our hands to use for our individual 

and mutual good, today!

How the Tzolkin Sonic Translations Work 

  • When a tone is played in one ear and
  • a complimentary tone is played in the other ear,
  • the brain recognizes the mathematical relationship between the two tones and makes shifts within its network to maximize its ability to receive and process the information relative to that relationship.

As mentioned above, 4 tones are required to express the vitality of each kin; hence, the harmonic stimulus upon the brain and the positive neuronal shifts resultant from the fully expressed, polyphonic tonal combinations of each kin are holistic and very remarkable.

When the number or sequence of tones increases, the amount of information relative to the tonal combinations increases profoundly. 

If the tones progress along a universally logical sequence, theoretically, universally logical information is expressed by that sequence. When the tonal combinations of Tzolkin tones are progressed according to the Tzolkin's universal, binary Logic, the brain, which is deeply imprinted upon by that Logic, responds to sequence the way a modern computer responds to an initialization sequence of "0"s and "1"s, the brain's natural process of generating neuronal connections to optimize its functionality is kicked into high gear and the central nervous system begins an accelerated process of neurogenesis. The healing effects of this process cannot be underestimated.

This is a technology designed for people to use in music therapy, from therapy for persons living with Down's Syndrome, ADD, ADHD, Cerebral Palsy, the effects of stroke, MS, MD and other adverse neurological conditions, as well as in the pursuit and attainment of an higher spiritual Mind. If the neuronal connections that engender optimum brain and body function have been impaired, the brain will strive to generate new connections to work around the impairment and effect optimum functionality. To do so, it requires a proper stimulus. The Tzolkin sonic translations are such a stimulus; safe, nontoxic, noninvasive, portable, universally effective and much more.


Through repeated use, the Tzolkin sonic translations effect a realignment and upgrading of both brain function and body function. The implications for this technology to be remarkably successful in the treatment of a wide array of neurological conditions and disorders is profound. In addition to that, there are significant indications that profound spiritual growth and even upgrading of IQ shall result from repeated use of Tzolkin sonic translations.


The Tzolkin sonic translations are available for personal healing and regeneration now. Contact Wellness Goods for further information  





translated the Mayan Sacred Calendar (the Tzolkin) into sound during the years1987-88 and began learning to use the Art of Music as a vehicle to access other dimensions and levels of Divine Consciousness and Being in order to provide others with music that enables them to spiritualize their lives practically on primordial levels. Presented by The MÈRE Project. 



Wellness Goods has been and continues to work in collaboration with Alyras and the MERE Project, since 1987 on the continuing research and development of the Tzolkin translations and is honored to publish this article and information under exclusive and expressed permission of the author.


The Music of the Mayan Sacred Calendar. Based on the chapter "Loom of Maya" in Bear & Co.'s "The Mayan Factor" (by José Arguelles), the mp3-CD "The Loom of Maya" expresses 13-toned sonic translations of all 20 Sacred Signs, their fundamental relationships and more.



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