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Harmonic Sound In Nature

by Sundhara

When one discovers full spectrum sound, in the outer world one hears 

a reflection or fragment of the inner sound current which is present and acting throughout all creation. Within nature, the sounds of every frog, 

bird, insect, every breeze and babbling brook combine to make 

a harmonic overtone of the sound current. Studies have shown that 

when a certain animal or insect species disappears, that the ecosystem will do whatever it can to 

compensate, and replace the missing sounds. The very fabric of our world is inherently dependent for its integrity upon the subtle and varied harmonies created by all living things. Every creature plays its unique and specialized role in the  creation of the unified whole.

Each particular species occupies its own special envelope of sound within the vibrational fabric of our planet. When any species becomes extinct, we then have a hole or gap in the coherent integrity of our soundscape. In other words, the harmonies of our planet are disrupted or disturbed with the loss of any portion of it. When dissonance occurs, it manifests as disharmony not only for individuals, but within society at large. In the microcosm of nature, loss of one sound results in a degree of dissonance, which activates in us an innate desire for harmony. Think of noisy city streets or the roar of an airport, contrasted with the restorative natural sounds, such as the wind in the trees or the gentle sound of water flowing over rocks.

Dolphins and whales each have an individual signature whistle. Even human beings have a special tone or resonance to their voices that we identify as a frequency signature. This is characterized by the tonal quality of the speaking voice. Voice-prints are similar to finger prints, in that an individual can be positively identified by their unique voice pattern.

Current research in the field of sound demonstrates that missing tones in the voice weaken our physical and psychological state. Listening to a full spectrum "Soundscape" (especially in nature) helps to replace these missing tones, and stimulates a healthy metabolism to produce a vibrant and balanced state of being.

Harmony is the Goal of the Universe

In The World is Sound by Joachim-Ernst Brendt we learn the following:

"Anyone who is familiar with the theory of harmony knows that every dissonance tends towards becoming a harmony. If it is true that the harmonic relationships in music reflect the harmonic and mathematical relationships in the planetary systems as well as the cosmos, then this must be valid also outside of music.

"Science has taught us that this phenomenon is universal. Two oscillators pulsating in the same field in almost identical rhythm will lock in, with the result that eventually their vibrations will become precisely synchronous. This phenomenon is referred to as mutual phase locking, or entrainment. Entrainment is universal in nature. In fact it is so ubiquitous that we hardly notice it as the air we breathe. It is a physical phenomenon, but it is also more than that, because it informs us about the tendencies of the universe to share rhythm, that is to vibrate in harmony." Harmony is the goal of the Universe.

Balancing Ourselves and the Earth Through Sound

We have all heard harmonic sound in our environment: waves lapping the shore, the wind through the tree tops, frogs singing around a pond, or a group of people singing in harmony. These mixed sounds in nature create a full spectrum of resonant tones, which move through the physical world in wave patterns that affect the configuration of matter. This movement of wave particles organizes to create what we call a unified energy field, or an organized intelligence.

Depression and other illnesses can result simply from depriving the skin and optic nerve of exposure to full spectrum daylight. Plants require the full spectrum of light in order to grow and produce fertile seeds. Research also reveals that life systems on our planet, require consistent exposure to full spectrum sound to maintain vitality and equilibrium.

Full spectrum harmonies, produced by various means, assist in restoring wholeness to the energy fields of the earth and all of life. Harmonics of full spectrum sound 'fill the gaps' where frequencies are missing, and strengthen the thin membrane of atmosphere and topsoil that sustains all life at the Earth's crust.

The conscious use of sound will play essential roles in technologies used for removing tumors, bacteria and viruses and encouraging regenerative conditions. Harmonic sound will play an increasingly major role in balancing ourselves and our planet, as we move ahead into the new millennium.



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