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The Healing Power of Sound

by Constance Demby


Throughout the ages, sound and 

music, originally a highly developed science in the ancient mystery 

schools, have been used as 

vehicles for healing. This healing 

was based on concepts of life 

that recognized vibration as the fundamental creative force.

Sound and Light are the building blocks of the universe, the very framework upon which all of creation 

is hung. Every molecule of matter is 

intoning its tone. Every leaf, atom, particle, planet, galaxy, every cell in our body is humming it own tune. Even as we were being born, as our bodies were being formed a chord was being intoned, our own individual chord.

Music affects the physical body in profound ways. Sound waves enter into our physical body and move atoms around, rearranging our cellular structure and putting us back in order. Music - in its higher forms - has the power to lower blood pressure, alter the breathing rate, reorganize and harmonize molecular structure, elevate mood, take us beyond the everyday world to the spiritual world, transform consciousness and ultimately liberate our spirit.

"Without music, life would be a mistake." - Nietzsche

Some music will actually diss-arrange or de-range the embodiment, and there have been studies done by Dorothy Retallack on plants to prove this. Dorothy placed three groups of plants in glass enclosures, and played various types of music to the plants for a period of 30 days. The first group of plants were played acid rock music, and actually leaned away from the speakers in an attempt to get away from the sounds, becoming disheveled, with stunted growth. The second group of plants listened to Bach and similar music, and experienced better than normal growth. The third group was played devotional music, and leaned towards the speakers, twining around the speaker wires to get closer to the sound. They had the most luxurious growth and most organized coherent patterns of all. Dorothy's comment on the experiment, in regards to the first group of plants: "If this is what this music does to plants, what is it doing to our children?"

There is a report of doctors in the south of France who prescribe specific pieces of music to be listened to three times a day in place of medicine. There are reports of cows yielding more milk when played classical music in the barn. Higher consciousness music enhances life affirming decisions and results. Lower vibration music can direct the listener towards negative destructive thoughts and sometimes even suicide.

" A tone is a living cell... It is a microcosm reflecting faithfully the macrocosm, its laws, its center. A tone is a solar system." - Dane Rudyar

Music holds the key to remembering our origin and reconnecting with source. Our spirit, regardless of nationality, creed, time or space recognizes sound as the doorway to the infinite. Hence, music is the universal language.

"Sound is God - Nada Brahma".

Dis-ease, dis-harmony within the cells, is ultimately spiritual in nature. The separated self, feeling separate from Source, begins creating dis-ease-ment from this feeling of separateness. Certain kinds of music can help one remember that connection with Source, and the listener can only go as high, as deep and as wide as the composer went when receiving and composing the music. 

"Through music, one can reach God." Ravi Shankar 



Constance Demby

As a recording artist and pioneer in her field, Constance Demby is an internationally acclaimed innovator of sound creations; sounds you'd swear you never heard before. Yet, somewhere in some dim memory, there is a faint memory echo - rich and compelling - calling up archetypal experiences which access the deeper, more profound levels of the mind-body-spirit. Over the years she has mastered matching an emotion to its complementary tonal resonation, producing albums and live concert experiences that consistently deliver powerfully cathartic and healing experiences to the listener.


Demby's music creates a realm of consciousness in which we travel on a beam of sound to the heart of inner and outer space. Dedicated to exploring the healing power of sound and it's ability to alter consciousness, Constance has received countless letters from those who experienced a major healing, life shift, or in some cases avoided suicide, simply from listening to the music. Healers and therapists use the albums in sessions to deepen and facilitate their work.

In live concert, Constance presents a range of sonic environments, accompanied by her penetrating voice: the cosmic-electronic-symphonic orchestra performed on digital sampling synthesizers; the wooden hammer dulcimer with over 100 strings; and the Sonic Steel Space Bass, a ten foot sheet of steel that produces deep, primordial, resonant sounds, invariably putting audiences into altered states. An original design, her Sonic Steel Instruments have been recorded by Lucas Skywalker Studios for use in their film scores, and also filmed by Discovery Channel at Gaudi's Parc Guell for inclusion in a special entitled "The Power of Music."


A classically trained artist performing since the age of 12, Demby's music has been compared by critics to Bach, Mozart, Mendelssohn, Beethoven, Brahms, Palestrina, Rachmaninoff, Wagner, Puccini, Debussy, Ravel, Copland, Mahler, and Vivaldi. She is a composer, performer, multi-instrumentalist, painter, sculptor, instrument designer, multi-media producer, and healer.



Enjoy Life and Take Good Care of Your Self


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