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Knowledge and The Dream

by don Miguel Ruiz

© Francene Hart

I want you to consider this statement: Knowledge is nothing but a description of a dream, and the dream is not true. The knowledge is not true either, but it is important because we communicate with it. We agree with every element of knowledge and we make it real. All the knowledge in your mind is there because at some point, you agreed with it. You agreed to everything you do and don't believe. It's all an agreement that is kept in your memory. So, everything in your memory is there by agreement.

Knowledge guides your personal dream. What you know without doubt is faith, and faith is believing in something 100%. You have faith in your knowledge and the belief that what you know is true. The problem is that you use your beliefs against yourself and those beliefs are not really true.

We can see that our knowledge and beliefs are causing all the drama in our life. Why do we make everything so difficult? What can we do and how can we change? If we know that everything is a dream, and we don't like what we are dreaming, then obviously we want to change our dream. And yes, we can change it. It is not easy, but it is not impossible.

If knowledge is the problem, then we have to challenge it. How can we challenge knowledge? We start with doubting what we know, and just keep doubting. "Is what I believe true?" That is the first challenge. If you don't believe yourself, you are openly challenging your own knowledge.

Don't believe yourself, especially don't believe yourself when you are saying "I am not good enough. I can not make it. I am not worth it." If you don't believe yourself, what is not true will disappear, and what is true will stay whether you believe it or not. When you stop believing in something you break an agreement and your faith is free.

Your faith is your personal power and faith is what creates the magic in your life. But your faith is invested in every concept that you have in your mind. It's trapped. Your will is trapped too. It is trapped by knowledge and knowledge becomes the biggest tyrant in your life.

Then knowledge is our challenge. I am not saying knowledge is bad. Knowledge is not good or bad, it is the way we use knowledge against ourselves that creates a nightmare in our everyday life. We first need awareness to change and awareness for the Toltecs is a whole mastery. The only way to master something is by practice. Awareness is like a muscle we need to exercise. If we practice awareness, it becomes a habit, a routine. By mastering awareness we see everything the way it is, not the way we want to see it. With that mastery we can start changing our dream.

By nature the dream is changing all the time. Life is eternal change. But the way we learn to dream, we resist change. We attach to what we believe is ours. We attach to our knowledge. We attach to how things should be. We attach to how we believe we should be, how humanity should be, how God should be, how the government should be. We are so attached to our projected image that we resist any change.

We don't feel safe when life is changing but life changes anyway. We cannot stop change and our resistance only creates emotional pain and grief. We don't want to let go of what is no longer ours. However, if we could detach from our knowledge it would facilitate change.

For example, we believe that our children should believe certain things, that they should dress a certain way and because they are not doing what we believe they should do, we feel hurt. We are so attached to what we believe, that we resist the reality that our children are changing. We resist the right they have to live their own lives. We want them to live life our way and the attachment we have only creates emotional pain for both of us. Detach and we no longer have that emotional pain.

The truth is we are attached to ideas. We are attached to the way that we believe things should be instead of how they really are. Even with ourselves we are attached to the way that we believe we should be, and when we are not living up to our expectations, it hurts. We are attached to our beliefs so when something challenges our belief, we feel fear in our solar plexus. This is nothing but attachment.

The way the Toltecs teach detachment is with the concept of the Angel of Death. Everything belongs to the Angel of Death, including your physical body. The body that you have is not really yours. And the Angel of Death is taking away little by little what you believe belongs to you. You can resist the Angel of Death or you can surrender. If you resist, you cannot win. You are going to lose anyway and you will suffer. But if you surrender to the Angel of Death she will always give you something better. You can make it easy or you can make it difficult If we are not attached, transformation will be easier.

When you detach you are living in the present moment and you are enjoying your life. We are more alive when we detach than when we attach and resist change. When we are children, we hardly resist change. This is our nature but we learn to resist and we practice that resistance.

Transformation, is the second mastery of the Toltecs. With the mastery of transformation, we live our life very intensely enjoying every single moment. And the result is a new dream…a dream with awareness without resistance. In that dream, you recover your free will. You have the choice again. If you have the power to make a choice you will not choose any more drama. You will not choose anger or envy or any of those emotions that cause you emotional pain. You will choose love. And that is a result of the transformation…living your life in love with common sense.

What happens as soon as you have that awareness, is that knowledge is no longer the big tyrant in your life. You use knowledge for communication but you know that it is not exactly true. You know that you are just dreaming and that knowledge is one of the greatest gifts that we have. So we do not let go of knowledge but instead recover our power over it. Then knowledge becomes a tool we can use with awareness, a tool that we use to facilitate the dream of our life. Now we will use knowledge to create a new dream. We have the power to change the dream and dreaming becomes an art, an expression of our spirit, an expression of the beauty that we have inside, an expression of the spirit. And in every word, every action, you are giving to yourself what you really are…love. And that becomes the third mastery of the Toltecs - the mastery of love and intent.

This article appeared in an issue of The Fifth Agreement.

don Miguel Ruiz is the author of these excellent books : The Four Agreements, a New York Times best seller, published by Amber-Allen in November 1997, The Mastery of Love, published by Amber-Allen in May 1999, and The Four Agreements Companion Book, published by Amber-Allen in October 2000.

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