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The Living Earth

© Jane Nussbaum 


 "We did not come into this world. 

We came out of it, like buds out of  

branches and butterflies out of cocoons.  

We are a natural product of this earth, 

and if we turn out to be intelligent beings,

 then it can only be because we are  fruits 

of an intelligent earth, which is nourished

in turn by an intelligent system of energy."  


Lyall Watson - Gifts of Things Unknown


Our Living Earth is the most  precious resource we possess. By learning to see our present and continuing planetary crisis from an evolutionary perspective, we can, as Conscious Co-Creators, weave together a shared vision and purpose of  planetary health and wholeness. We have the power to destroy our world, this Living Earth, or create a future, of immeasurable possibilities, one day at a time, starting Now. The choice is ours. 


Being inseparable from the natural world, everyone on this Living Earth is empowered to make a difference; how, what, where and when is entirely up to you. In our world it is the one voice, the common collective choice that will make a difference forever. We must be the change we wish to see. First, we must relearn how to envision magic ; then we can wield it. We must do it Now.


Our goal in providing these informative articles, is to act as a
catalyst to inspire people to make a positive difference in their own part of the world. We
believe in a future that's created with new visions, focused intentions and simple, yet bold actions. We can save ourselves and while waging the struggle, we can find joy and a sense of fulfillment in the creation of a better world.

We invite you to sit back... relax... and explore at your leisure, choosing your own path through this array of excellent articles. We encourage you to print these articles and enjoy them. If you would care to share any of these with a friend, please note the option of notifying them by email at the bottom of each page. As always, we welcome your comments.

Please remember to bookmark our site, and return often.


Article Index

  The Naturalist

- by Barry Lopez


How To Talk To Your Children About Global Warming

- by Emily Main



 The Pachamama Alliance


On Thin Ice : Polar Bears

- by Marla Cone


Navigating the Catch of the Day

- by Daniel Duane


The Fate of the Ocean

- by Julia Whitty


Organic Clothing : Wear with Awareness

- by Mary Capone


Clothes with a Conscience

- by Marriaine Hak


Global Inheritance : The Fate of Humanity

- by Chris Griscom


Water : the Mother within Our Mother : Flow Forms

- by Mary Thienes-Schuneman


Shamanism and Eco-Psychology

- by Leslie Gray


The Great Ape Rescue Mission

- by United Nations Environment Program


Navy Sonar System Threatens Whales

- by National Resources Defense Council


Van Goghs Moon in Moon Rise

- by Cristina Rodriguez


Healing Silence: The Architecture of Peace
- by Christopher Day

Living Systems In Evolutions
- by Elisabet Sahtouris, Ph.D.

In Defense of Sacred Lands
- by The Rain Forest Action Network

Caring in Agriculture
- by Vandana Shiva

Psychology, Nature and Soul
- by Michael J. Cohen, Ed.D.

How Nature Makes Music
- by Jim Nollman

Green Psychology
- by Ralph Metzner Ph.D.

Living Water Gardens
- by Betsy Damon


Enjoy Life and Take Good Care of Your Self


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