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Metaphysical Music


by  Nairobi Sailcat


There is a lot of confusion and controversy surrounding music of a metaphysical or "spiritual" nature. Exactly what separates

it from conventional music? The difference

is that most music is made to effect the external and the finite, such as our senses, thoughts and feelings. By contrast, metaphysical music is created to effect the internal, the infinite, the spirit.


Traditionally, metaphysical music has been                            Rassouli

used as a method of transcendence. Studies

show that music created by fusing the principles of Christian mysticism


 and traditional metaphysics with music and the healing arts has proven to be an extremely effective method of achieving a meditative state. Using these principles requires that the usual priorities in music be reversed. Normally the song, melody or lyrics are the sole reason for the notes which serve only as a vehicle, but compositions created according to metaphysical doctrine require that the sounds, or more specifically the pitches or frequencies, take priority. When used in this manner the music then becomes a powerful metaphysical tool and a means for rejuvenation and improving health. This is music of the spirit, created for the soul. In other words, "soul music." Although esoteric in nature, this soul music has existed for millennia. Widely acknowledged as an aid to enlightenment, it has been produced by many different cultures and in many forms throughout human history.

Christian mysticism and music

Most people are unaware that a mystic or occult tradition even exists in Christianity. But reincarnation, astrology, the Law of Cause and Effect, the nature of spiritual entities, study of the subtle bodies and the understanding of the afterlife and pre- incarnate spiritual states are all part of the Christian tradition.

References to all of these things and more are to be found in the bible and more poignantly in the Rosicrucian philosophy, the foundation of the Christian mystic tradition. One of the most striking differences between the Christian or western mystical philosophy and traditional eastern teachings such as Buddhism is the concept of "epigenesis." Epigenesis is a principle whereby the spiritual aspirant can consciously create and introduce new "causes" into the life cycle by utilizing the Law of Cause and Effect. Unlike the eastern aspirant who attempts to remain aloof from life by "releasing" and practicing detachment to eliminate karma, the Christian mystic uses life's opportunities to change his circumstances. He seeks first to understand how previous actions have contributed to current situations but then he goes further, to learn the underlying spiritual laws.

Armed with this knowledge, he sets out to initiate new causes that will eventually result in the most beneficial effects for both himself and mankind. The aspirant understands that by using this method, drastic change or elevation in the progression of one's present and future evolution can take place. The western mystic is a co-creator in his own destiny. This is called "conscious evolution." Instead of assuming the passive status of a passenger on life's journey, the Christian or western mystic prefers to take the wheel and determine the direction and nature of his own trip. One of the ways the western mystic changes or takes charge of his journey is by changing the desire (astral) and etheric bodies. Much attention is paid to the etheric body. Both eastern and western mystic tradition recognize that the health and vitality of the physical body are a direct manifestation of this "higher" etheric vehicle. "As above so below ."

One of the most important elements of the etheric vehicle is its own particular vibration. Every person's vibration is different although each is grouped under the various planetary vibrations the same way there are Japanese, Italian, and Kenyan people in the physical world. The purer and more resonant the vibration of the etheric body, the stronger and more vigorous the health of the person. One of the most direct ways to effect the vibration or "keynote" of the etheric body is through another sound vibration. In this case the sound is music. The effectiveness of the music is enhanced when the tempo of the music is synchronized to the heartbeat. This is especially true when the rate of the heart corresponds to a meditative or resting state. Soul music resonates to the keynote of a specific astrological and planetary vibration. Using the principle of sympathetic vibration, soul music reinforces the resonant frequency of the keynote, that is, it harmonizes the spiritual vehicles and promotes vitality and physical health.

What is a keynote?

The total sound, created by the sum of all of the individual parts; is the keynote. Everything has a keynote. The winds, rain, ocean waves, all the sounds of nature plus the cars, factories and the sounds of mankind along with every other sound on our planet combine to create one composite sound or keynote. This is the keynote of the Earth. Likewise, every planet, every person or constellation--everything has a keynote. The combined sounds of the corpuscles rushing through our arteries, our breathing, our hearts pumping and our metabolism create an individual's keynote.

Each individual's keynote is also influenced by the keynote of the astrological and planetary sign under which they were born. Although it manifests in matter, the keynote has a spiritual origin. Physically, the keynote emanates from the base of the skull at the medulla oblongata. For those sensitive enough to hear it, it is a droning sound similar to the buzzing of a bee. Eastern mystics call it "Om" which they also consider to be the sound of the universe. The microcosm is the macrocosm. 

Sympathetic Vibration

One simple way to rejuvenate and improve our health is to reinforce or "tune up" our keynote through the use of sympathetic vibration. Here is a simplified example of how sympathetic vibration, sometimes called "resonant frequency," works. If you were holding a tuning fork and a friend stood near you while playing another tuning fork, soon the fork that you are holding would start to vibrate to the same note as your friend's fork. If your friend's note is played long enough, loudly enough and aggressively enough, your friend could cause your tuning fork to shatter. Both tuning forks must be of the same pitch or key, otherwise they have no effect on each other. Only tuning forks that are similarly tuned will vibrate together or influence one another.

This is the principle that Joshua used in the Battle of Jericho. By trumpeting the keynote of the walls, they were able to crumble the fortress. Sympathetic vibration has been understood by the military for ages. Every commander knows not to ever let his soldiers march across a bridge, Instead, they walk. If they were to hit upon the resonant frequency of the bridge, the vibration of their marching feet would literally trample down the bridge, destroying themselves in the process. Vibration can destroy, but the reverse is also very true.

Playing the keynote in a soothing manner causes everything in the surrounding area that is of the same pitch to resonate. Everything that's on the same vibe begins to harmonize. Scientists established long ago that plants grow faster, larger and healthier when soothing music is played in their presence. Likewise, by listening to relaxing music played at the correct pitch, we strengthen the harmonization of our own keynote. The spiritual bodies become energized and aligned, which vitalizes the etheric body (which in turn causes the rejuvenation of the whole person). One of the many ways this is accomplished is by the regulation of brain chemicals like seratonin which are related to feelings of well being and peacefulness. By reinforcing our individual keynotes, soul music vitalizes and strengthens our spiritual and physical bodies, allowing the music of the spheres to truly live within us. The stronger the note, the healthier the spirit, the stronger the body and the longer the life.

In the beginning was the Word,

and the Word was with God,

and the Word was God." 

John 1 : 1

Nairobi Sailcat is a producer, composer and educator with over 30 years of experience in the music business. His credits include the writing and production of music for Sony, Atlantic, Mercury, Vanguard and CBS Records.  In addition to his work for TV and film, Sailcat has written and produced meditation and yoga videos and CDs for the fitness industry. Soul Glow Productions has just released his newest CDs, oUt Of body and DEEP SPACE, which are based on the vibrational principles of health and healing and his lifelong study of metaphysical music.


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