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by John Beaulieu, N.D., Ph.D.

"It don't mean a thing if you ain't got that swing." Duke Ellington

Resonance comes from the Latin verb resonare, meaning to "return to sound". It means to sound and resound, as in an echo. Usually we think of resonance in terms of objects such as bells which when struck continue to ring or resonate the orginal sound. Another type of resonance is called sympathetic resonance. When we strike a tuning fork another tuning fork of the same pitch will begin to vibrate with the first fork. Resonance can be understood as a merging created when energy moves back and forth between two or more bodies.

The opposite of resonance is dissonance. Dissonance happens when energy moves back and forth between two or more bodies without merging into unified pulsation. The pulses beat against one another. Resoulution happens when dissonance becomes resonance. Our personal sensations of dissonance, resolution, and resonance in our daily life serve as sonic guides. Learning to listen to, differentiate, and appreciate these sensations in daily life is fundamental to BioSonic RepatterningTM.

When we meet somebody special or do something just right, we experience resonance. The longer lasting and deeper the experience of resonance, the more ecstatic we become. Our language is filled with words that ring with the taste of resonance. "Being in tune" or "we are on the same wave length" describe resonante experiences. Making the connection, being in the groove, or just plain "wow!" are further examples. When something is just right we say "it clicks."

Imagine that the whole universe; everything we know, including cars, computers, airplanes, houses, buildings, lakes, oceans, continents, our bones, flesh, and nerves is a fountain of dream images generated and sustained by a submerged sound. Further imagine that everything we do and think, whether good or bad, moral or immoral, is an attempt to seek out and merge with that sound. Our goal is to return to the source of the fountain. Although we may identify with the object of value ie: a man or woman, a car, etc., the real attraction is the resonance we experience when in the presence of that person or thing. The experience vibrates us like a tuning fork and becomes a sonic homing buoy confirming our inner journey.

As children our playfulness leads us from one resonate experience to another. Teeter totters, swings, kites grabbing the wind at the right moment, catching or hitting a baseball, riding a bike, skipping a rock, and bonding with a doll or stuffed animal are the abundance of a childs world. Children soon learn the value of pushing forward of leaning backward on a swing. They will try again and again until they get the "right feeling" of the swing. This is a moment when the thrust of the pump harmonizes exactly with the natureal rhythm of the swing. They don't need classes or intellectual reasons, for their sense of resonance, which they somehow "just know," become both their guide and goal.

Pretend that you are an ethereal being floating in drifting currents of light. One day, as days go in light oceans, you begin to hear special sounds. When you float nearer there is a feeling of glowing radiance. There are two sounds and they are beginning to merge. Your light body begins to pulsate. Surrendering to the sounds you enter an estatic state of resonance..............
...........when we arrive in our new bodies, we immediately seek resonance. A baby bonds with its mother and father. Watching a new born baby and mother together is a wonderful experience. Their bodies are like tuning forks that vibrate in unison. I remember the indescribable feeling of the birth of my son. I am in the delivery room surrendering to the rhythm of labor. Push after push I breath in unison with my wife as my son pulsates his way into the world.

In the "new" quantum physics matter is perceived as resonate particles. Particles are created when electrons and protons are accelerated to near the speed of light. Collisions create a burst of energy in which a particle takes form. The energy of the collision keeps resonating or feeding back into itself, like a bell that is struck and continues to ring.

In the universe of particle physics, matter is simultaneously a particle and a wave. Because it is a wave, each particle is also a specific frequency or vibration. Therefore, in the subatomic world the way something vibrates determines what it is. Remember that not every collision creates a particle; only the collisions that resonate create particles. Physicists who explore the sub-atomic world for particles call what they are doing "resonance hunting."

The physicist Werner Heisenberg borrowed two words from Aristotle--potentia and actuality to describe his experience of the quantum reality. The world "not looked at" was potential. For Heisenberg, the quantum wave was a picture of the unexamined potential of reality. Quantum waves are not existence or actuality, but the tendencies towards existence. The parallels between "musical experience" and the sub atomic reality are remarkably similar. Physicists seem to rely mostly on numbers and instrumentation to "see" and map resonances. An artist relies on his or her senses and intutions.

Communication is a resonance between two or more people. Cognitive resonance occurs when someone talks about an idea or concept that we agree with. Politicians always speak in generalities to heighten their chances for cognitive resonance with potential voters. Emotionally we speak of affective resonance. It is the source of the terms sympathy, antipathy, empathy, telepathy, and apathy. When we pick up emotional states and feelings from another person, we say we are sympathetic. The person with the feelings is like a tuning fork setting off similar feelings in another person. If the other person is opposed to the feelings, then they resist and become dissonant or without resonance. This is antipathy. Empathy means "into feeling." It is a state of merging with another. We allow ourselves to resonate with the vibratory field of the other until we are the other.

The ideal is to remain conscious of our self during the empathetic response. Conscious empathy is the foundation of healing arts and the key for understanding another persons experience. When we are empathic, distance as we know it ceases to exist. We are both in the same resonate field. It is therefore possible to experience the other at great distances. This is the telepathic response or feeling response at a distance. Apathy means no feeling. When one is apathetic there is no resonance.

Resonate communication on a spiritual level is called communion. Although health professionals are trained to focus their attention on mental, emotional or physical processes during empathic response with their clients, they often report a special communion between themselves and the other.

Faith healers bypass these levels and focus only on the spiritual. They lay their hands on the body and allow themselves to empathetically resonate wherever spirit leads them. The resulting interaction between the person and healer becomes a divine communion. A resonate "returning to sound" creates a healing response. In this sense, regardless of academic training or analytical understanding, we all must become faith healers for our insights and studies to be effective.

I remember a story told by Elizabeth Kubler Ross. She was in charge of training psychiatrists to counsel dying people. The young doctors knew a lot about the psychodynamics of dying as well as the physical condition of the patients. However, Kubler Ross noticed that when the doctors left the room, the dying person was quite often agitated and upset.

One day she noticed that when the cleaning lady left the patient's rooms they were at peace with themselves, breathing easier, and more open to talking. She asked the cleaning lady what she was doing. The cleaning lady, who hadn't even graduated from grade school, said she had experienced a lot of death in her family. She said she just "felt" for the people and would just sit with them a moment while she cleaned up. Kubler Ross realized that her ability to "just sit" and be with a dying person was what the doctors lacked. To the dismay of her colleagues, she made the cleaning lady her assistant instructor.

The experience of empathetic resonance through touching has been given many names by bodyworkers. Dr. John Upledger calls it "melding" and sees it as the prerequisite of all good bodywork. "The idea is to meld the palpating part of your body with the body you are examining. As this melding occurs, the palpating part of your body does what the patient's body is doing. It becomes synchronized....... The objective is to have that part of your body which is examining and palpating a patient do exactly what the patient's body is doing, and would otherwise be doing even if you weren't there. " Milton Tragger uses the term "hook-up." Dr. Randolph Stone, the founder of Polarity Therapy, called it "tuning into the energy."

The synchronization of bodies is traditionally called "achieving rapport" in verbal counseling. In Neuro Linguistic Programming it is called "pacing." Without pacing there can be no communication. The research of Dr. William Condon uses microanalysis of filmed human interaction to reveal precise synchronization of rhythmic body movements between two people interacting. This synchrony is invisible to eye and unconscious to the participants.

Dr. Milton Erickson considered it a necessity to "get into a patients reality." He would sometimes spend years understanding and piecing together a patient's view of the world, body movements, and speech patterns. The psychiatrist R. D. Laing illustrates the principle of "getting into a patients reality" in his description of a "Schizophrenic Voyage." Laing will spend days with a patient, to the point of even living in a closet with them to experience resonance with their reality.

The resonant experience of love is so powerful that we sometimes feel as though we would do anything not to lose it. First there is resonance. In her eyes I perceive myself as mysterious, unknown, exciting and vibrant. She is the lover that awakens my heart and each throb is a revelation, a vision, and a dream that becomes a remembrance of who I am. She is the embodiment of the sweetest elixir. We drink and meld until the other disappears into the mists and is devoured by the force of union.

The experience is so magnificent that we want it to happen forever. However the moment we try to keep the experience, the feeling is gone. The same person that we fell in love with is suddenly different. It is as though we reached out and put the palm of our hand an a ringing bell in an effort to keep it ringing forever. We are shocked when the quality of the ringing diminishes. To make things worse we grab the bell even tighter and sometimes even hit it to get to ring again. Eventually we give up. We can not sustain this "grabbing energy." We say the "life is out of the relationship" or "the thrill is gone."

During a session, a client described his relationship with his wife as "the ring is gone." He had done everything to get it back. And it became clear from the tone of his voice that "everything" meant every possible way of grabbing and holding onto her. Resonance, or the ringing bell quality of a relationship is only nourished through surrender. This implies giving up the other in order to have the other. It seems like a paradox. Experienced from sonic consciousness it becomes very real.

Everyone wants resonance. Regardless of our behaviors, relationships, occupations, looks, cultures, lifestyles, and tastes we are listening for resonance. When each experience of resonance we move closer to our source. The closer we come to our source the more we are "beings of sound mind and body." Resonance is everywhere and always available to us. Everyone has a front row seat in the cosmic concert.

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