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Wellness - A State of Mind


by Zia

Are you aware of the most 

frequent reply to the often asked question: "What would make you happy right now?" is perhaps surprisingly not MONEY,  but rather PEACE. 

So many people today desire peace, in themselves, in their world, and their surroundings. What really is the ROOT CAUSE to loss of peace in one's mind?

Take a moment and consider the most common expression you use, consistently throughout the day. What do you think it would be? What do we spend so much of our time determining? You might be surprised! Many people from the moment they awaken in the morning, until finally falling asleep sometime in the evening, quite often in stress-filled exhaustion, continually 'think' the following phrase in some form:

I like this, I don't like THAT, Oh I really like this, Oh I can't STAND THAT, etc.

Now what is happening here? In a word, JUDGMENT. And believe it or not, almost every thing we do, and thus have already thought about, is based on whether we like it or not. And we had to make a judgment call as to that liking. This one thought, more than any other, creates great stress, and ultimately loss of peace of mind. And that stress, particularly over what we do not like, and thus start working out mental constructs of HOW TO AVOID AT ALL COSTS, creates from the mental exhaustion, great physical exhaustion. And so we say often, 'Peace at any price' and that is the beginning of great unhappiness.

Now this is a simplistic view that leaves out what actually happens during judgment and its ultimate results upon one's wellness of mind, emotional well-being, and physical health. We can no longer escape the fact that mind, emotion and physical wellness derive from the same picture, the thoughts we choose to think, and re-think and re-think.

The body is naturally designed to strive for wellness and continuing health. In fact, even if you say slightly injure the body it will naturally and automatically commence the healing requirements, to return that injury to a healthy state. You may in fact need to do nothing, just let the body heal itself.

So this aspect we have not really spoken about yet, the emotional body, what is it, and what is an emotion? And what is the difference between an emotion and a feeling? Well since you know the answer to that, we'll just move right along.

Wait a minute you say? Okay, here's a simple definition of emotion:
'EMOTION is the REACTION to JUDGMENT by the THINKING MIND.' Oh, I over-emphasized it? Sorry, but surprisingly emotion is the result of our choosing to keep thinking the same repetitive thoughts of like and dislike, judging any and every thing as either good or bad; I like it, I don't like it.

So if we take a look at that, we discover that emotion is a mental construct that occurs in the process of thinking! And that thinking was to make a judgment. That in and of itself is not really a big deal you might think or even say. But here's the difficulty, and the beginning or rather the end of peace in the mind, the emotional body and your physical body.

Let's say I feel sad in listening to a friend share a story. And let's say this friend reacts to my feeling of sadness, which may have been expressed verbally as 'that is sad'. Perhaps my friend wants me to NOT feel sad. And verbally says 'don't do that'. And the more I repeat, that is sad, the angrier my friend becomes until finally exploding in such anger telling me not to say that!

Let's look at the potentials here. How many times are we aware of feeling something, not liking the feeling, and desiring to escape from that feeling, the best escape usually being denial?

Yet when the feeling is being expressed by someone else, then we cannot deny that feeling and want to take control and stop that person from expressing that feeling. We become angry in that desire to control the other person, because the fear of feeling what has been expressed is so great, well sometimes it feels like we could die from that feeling, and must at all costs stop the other person.

Why does this occur? Simply at some point this feeling caused such pain, that it became intolerable, and the dislike of that intense pain, so great, that we decided to always avoid it at all costs. And how do we go about avoiding great pain in the mind, because this is where the decision is made? We build mental constructs, and then these get loaded or lodged into the emotional body, recorded there, carrying the energy of our great dislike. This in a sense builds a wall, a mental construct to be sure, yet a wall that blocks our sight and our feeling. The original feeling of sadness, has been avoided, and cannot be seen or felt, due to the emotional wall built out of the energy of anger.

The mind is doing its job as directed. It is for creating mental constructs. It is the architect so to speak and has all the necessary tools and creates structures quite rapidly and very accurately. Yet it was not meant to lodge these structures into the emotional body. Rather our glorious mind was to be used as the tool of creation, creating any object within our world.

Imagine holding out your hand, registering the feeling that the body feels hungry, and simply casting into the mind the thought of a very warm sweet smelling loaf of delightful bread, and suddenly it appears in your hand.

This was what our magnificent mind was designed to do. It simply obeys the pictured desire, the feeling, and brings forth into manifestation the desired object. Yet we have completely lost that ability, instead lodging our creations into our emotional body, fed with the energy of the emotions of judgment, creating huge constructs that then even feed off our energy, a thought form so powerful as to drain our energy and must be fed through consistent angry outbursts etc.

The key here which some of you may have noticed, is the great value of our feelings. I see my feelings register on the barometer of Joy. As all of life is love in some form, and joy the expression of love in life, all feelings are some degree of Joy, even if only .000001 of Joy!! Total joy in one individual thought, the expression of love, causes the thought to be magnetized into reality at the fastest (highest Joy) speed. Yet do we in our lives register our feelings, pay attention to them, and use them as the barometer of selection of our own thoughts?

Sadly most are too busy judging like and dislike. And through the reaction of that judgment feeding one's precious energy to create, into energy of reaction that builds or adds to mental constructs within the emotional body. Notice if you will, that in the words, creation and reaction, there is but a simple change of the letter 'c' in position. And creation is certainly dependant upon what we 'c' see! A picture free of judgment, filled with the delight of joy in its expression, and deep gratitude for its gift, brings manifestation into our physical world, thus giving the experience of joy with that object.

Yet if what we choose to see is dislike of our splendid 'feelings' so true and so pure and so honest, and judge them, often so fearfully as to create rage should a particular feeling arise in one's self or another, then we have chosen creation pictured to be a 'reaction' with rage the energy used to record that picture into our emotional body. And its manifestation becomes discord, inharmony, and disease in the body and in one's world.

So what is the purpose of our beautiful feelings? To be the empowerment to creation, the true energy of creation, the delight in our thoughts brought forth into manifestation. So what do you create in your life? And is it but a reaction to your likes and dislikes of your daily thoughts?

The choice is yours completely. It is your mind. It is your feelings. It is under your control, by your own choice. You want peace of mind, oh more than anything else you want PEACE, well then I would suggest you create in your mind a symbol that represents peace to you. And you color it in and fill it with the feeling that would bring you Joy. Just imagine being so filled with utter joy as your mind is in peace, and when you are tempted to think in terms of like or dislike, immediately bring into your mind instead what would bring you joy, that splendid picture of peace, and again fill yourself with joy. Perhaps when you least expect it, you will suddenly find your mind filled with peace, a sudden laughter of joy escaping you, in perhaps a circumstance in which in the past you have felt anger.

Test it out, let me know how you feel about this, and talk to me about your symbol, and if you really love it, perhaps you will draw it on white paper, coloring it beautifully, and hanging it above your bed, seeing it first and last each day.

My love to you, and may peace be in your mind, that all your thought creations come forth in Joy.

©  2001. Zia . All World Wide Rights Reserved



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